Value Assessments

If necessary, we will have a value assessment conducted – in form of an official "Market Value Appraisal" or of a "Property Evaluation", on the basis of which all other steps can be planned in a more concrete way.

Market Value Appraisal

A "Market Value Appraisal" conducted by a certified expert involves an in-depth inspection of the property and documents all legal and factual questions while taking all value-laden aspects into account. The Market Value Appraisal is often required by banks, public notaries and tax consultants and serves as a reliable basis for contract negotiations.

Property Value Evaluation

Less expensive, this form of expert opinion will help you determine where you stand financially, but it is not a substitute for the Market Value Appraisal. It contains an outside view of the property, a documentation including pictures and a standardized description form.Thus, you get an actual value assessment which can submitted to banks, public notaries or tax consultants or can be used as basis information for drafting a contract.